Visions & Goals


MIMAS has embarked on a new phase of history. We are busy in the preparation of a development plan both in terms of education as well as physical development. The hallmark of the institute’s educational philosophy is the reconstruction of human thought in all its facets on the foundation of our social, moral, and religious values. Whatever the changes that we have to make, we assure our well-wishers that they would be grounded in the welfare both of our students and faculty.


Our Mission is to provide students an enabling environment where dialogue is encouraged and ideas envisioned. We will provide the intellectual and physical infrastructure that will hold students to the highest moral and ethical values. We will achieve these goals with the cooperation of both public and private sectors as well as the faculty and students of MIMAS.


The institute’s goal is to be among the top 1000 best universities/institutes in the world and among the top 3 universities in Pakistan by the year 2020. The institute will bring Medical and Allied Health Education in its domain.