Dr. Noshaba Kanwal

Movement is salient to human life and forms an essential building block of the combined processes of surviving, growing, and evolving. Physiotherapy is the branch of health science which deals with the study of movement and of the processes that can be put in place in order to facilitate and/or restore one’s ability to move.

Ali Ul Murtaza, Department of rehabilitation(AMDRS) has been upholding these processes in various capacities.
AMDRS renders its services through the outpatient department as well as ICUs and wards thus addressing a wide spectrum of conditions related to Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cardiopulmonary, Dermatological, Gynecological and such other systems. Therapy is provided in terms of restoring the primary functions where ever possible and mitigating the secondary complications as part of the short term management. However, the long term objective is to effectively guide the patient through the various stages of recovery and restore him or her to functional normalcy and maximal social participation.

the said community. We have conducted various camps and awareness programs and have been

As a Coordinator of Physiotherapy, I feel privileged to be at the head of an institute that consistently engages in research activities thus making sure that learning and upgrading remain a constant accompaniment to the work process. Our student strength has been increasing consistently and graduates, as well as postgraduates from our institute, have been efficiently working as clinicians, researchers, and/or teachers across the country. I welcome you all in the new world of healing where we are striving to replace pain with relief, sorrow with joy and immobilization to mobilization.

Dr. Noshaba Kanwal, DPT, MS

Specialized in Neuromuscular Physiotherapist

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