BS Biochemistry



A highly motivated vision of the department is to induce the basic and modern knowledge of Biochemistry and to impart modern teaching methods in the student’s learning process, so that they can lead the nation in this discipline.


Department of Biochemistry has a very modern and innovative mission of nurturing a conducive environment of biochemistry in the nation as a whole to get a leading position by fulfilling the needs of skilled man powers of speeding emerging biotech industry.


Biochemistry is the science concerned with the chemical basis of life. Biochemistry incorporates everything in size between a molecule and a cell and all the interactions between them. The aim of biochemists is to describe in molecular terms the structures, mechanisms and chemical processes shared by all organisms, providing organizing principles that underlie life in all its diverse forms. So a biochemist would study about these molecules namely carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids. Biochemist also studies their reactions and what affects them and in what ways. Biochemistry is thus a study of the compounds found inside living beings, the processes involved with the focus on the role, function and structure of these molecules. Biochemistry now encompasses all of the molecular and cellular life sciences. Scientific topics falling under the broad description of biochemistry include genetics, immunology, virology, developmental biology, neurobiology, cell biology and structural biology. A recent milestone in biochemistry was the completion of the Human Genome Project and stem cell therapy. There has never been a better time to study biochemistry. With the introduction of newer methods in science and technology, the scope in biochemistry is much greater than before. In fact, biochemistry is one course that is selected by most of today’s students. This is because of the challenging nature of the course and the lucrative jobs that can be got after the completion of studies in this field. There are quite a few fields where Biochemists can find employment.

Course #TitleCredit Hour
Semester 1  
BCH-301  Introductory Biochemistry  4 (3-1) 
ENG-321  Functional English  3 (3-0) 
ISL-321  Islamic studies / Ethics  2 (2-0) 
MTH-321  Mathematics- I  3 (3-0) 
ACH-301  Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry  3 (2-1) 
SOC-307  Introduction to Sociology  3 (3-0) 
Semester 2   
BCH-302  Biochemistry of Carbohydrates  4(3-1) 
BCH-304  Bio-physics  3(3-0) 
ENG-322  English Comprehension and Composition  3 (3-0) 
PST-321  Pakistan studies  2 (2-0) 
STA-321  Introduction to Statistical Theory  3(3-0) 
PSY-422  Introduction to Psychology  3 (3-0) 
Semester 3   
BCH-401  Cell Biology  3(2-1) 
BCH-403  Genetics  3(3-0) 
ENG-421  communication skills  3(3-0) 
CSI-321  Introduction to Computing Applications  3(3-0) 
ACH-301  Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry  3 (2-1) 
Semester 4   
BCH-402  Human Physiology  3(3-0) 
BCH-404  Biochemistry of Lipids  4(3-1) 
ENG-422  Technical Writing  3(3-0) 
ACH-401  Fundamental of Physical Chemistry  3(2-1) 
MIC-301  General Microbiology-I  3(2-1) 
Semester 5   
BCH-501  Amino Acids and Proteins  4(3-1) 
BCH-503  Enzymology  3(2-1) 
BCH-505  Biosafety & Ethics  2(2-0) 
BCH-507  Biochemical Techniques  3(2-1) 
BCH-509  Plant Biochemistry  3(2-1) 
Semester 6   
BCH-502  Nutritional Biochemistry  3(2-1) 
BCH-506  Biochemistry of Nucleic Acid  3(3-0) 
BNB-502  Proteomics (ElectveI)  3(2-1) 
BCH-508  Biomembranes & Cell Signaling  3(3-0) 
BCH-510  Bioenergetics  2(2-0) 
BCH- 504  Industrial Biochemistry  3(2-1) 
Semester 7   
BCH-603  Biological Metabolism  4(4-0) 
BNB-402  Bioinformatics-I  3(2-1) 
BNB-504  Genomics (ElectiveII)  3(3-0) 
BCH-611  Fermentation Biotechnology (ElectiveIII)  3(3-0) 
BCH-601  Current Trends in Biochemistry  3(3-0) 
Semester 8   
BNB-405  Biotechnology  3(3-0) 
BCH-602  Immunochemistry  3(3-1) 
BCH-606  Antmicrobials & Chemo-therapy (ElectiveIV)  3(3-0) 
Other Mandatory Requirements for BS (Hons)   
BCH-604  Research Planning and Report Writing  3(3-0) 
BCH-628  Seminar (Research)  1(0-1) 
BCH-630  Research Project /Review Article/Internship  3(0-3) 
Note: Overall 134 teaching credit hours for BS (Hons) are mandatory.  The department will offer the courses keeping in view the availability 
of teachers and the nature of research to be conducted.