BS Applied Psychology



To develop high quality trained professional clinical psychologists to pursue the excellence in the field of psychology and to make significant and meaningful contribution towards the socio-economic betterment of our country.


To provide and inculcate the knowledge of human behavior to the students seeking such knowledge in an effective and research oriented manner. Moreover, the department is committed to meet the challenges of the modern age by producing researchers and professionals in the field, which will help to understand and ultimately resolve the problems of society.


Psychology, being a scientific study of human behavior and mental processes, has not only achieved immense popularity with scholars of modern age but it has also helped in understanding the psychological problems of the society. Psychological knowledge is now applied to such diverse areas as psychotherapy, counseling and guidance, hospital management, environment, business, education, industry, crimes linguistics, and critical evaluation of literature and fine arts.

MIMAS started studies in Applied Psychology at post graduate level and plans to satisfy the long standing demand of the area. GC University, Faisalabad, has also introduced BS (Hons) programme. The Department aims at producing high quality professionals and psychologists who are committed to pursue excellence and are endowed with vision, courage and dedication. Our students, after completing their degrees, will make significant and meaningful contribution towards the socio-economic betterment of the country through the development of human resource.

Course# Title Credit Hour
Semester 1  
ENG-321  Functional English  3(3-0) 
PST-321  Pakistan Studies (Compulsory)  2(2-0) 
PSY-305  Introduction to Psychology-I  4(3-1) 
MTH-321  Algebra and Trignomatary  3(3-0) 
PSY-309  Tolerance  3(3-0) 
SOC-307  Introduction to Sociology  3(3-0) 
Semester 2   
ENG-322  Comprehension & Composition  3(3-0) 
ISL-321  Islamic Studies (compulsory)  2(2-0) 
ISL-322  Ethics for Non-Muslims  2(2-0) 
PSY-306  Introduction to Psychology-II  4(3-1) 
STA-321  Introduction to Statistical Theory  3(2-1) 
MCM-421  Introduction to mass communication  3(3-0) 
Semester 3   
ENG-421  Communication Skills  3(3-0) 
Psy-403  History & Systems in Psychology  3(3-0) 
Psy-405  Personality Psychology  3(3-0) 
Psy-407  Social Psychology  3(3-0) 
EDU-503  Foundation of Education  3(3-0) 
Semester 4   
ENG-422  Technical Writing  3(3-0) 
PSY-404  Advanced Social Psychology  3(3-0) 
PSY-406  Psychological Testing & Measurement-I  3(3-0) 
PSY-408  Cognitive & Affective Processes  4(3-1) 
POL-406  Introduction to International Relations  3(3-0) 
Semester 5   
PSY-501  Behavioral Neurosciences  4(4-0) 
PSY-503  Psychological Testing & Measurement-II  3(2-1) 
PSY-505  Research Methodology-1  3(3-0) 
PSY-507  Application of Statistics in Psychology  3(2-1) 
PSY-509   Developmental Psychology   4(4-0) 
Semester 6     
PSY-502   Human Resource Management   4(3-1) 
PSY-504   Mental Health and Psychopathology-I   3(3-0) 
PSY-506   Health Psychology   4(3-1) 
PSY-508   Research Methodology-II   3(2-1) 
PSY-510   Industrial/ Organizational Psychology   4(4-0) 
Semester 7     
PSY-601   Clinical Psychology-I   4(4-0) 
PSY-603   Mental Health and Psychopathology-II   4(4-0) 
PSY-605   Counseling Psychology-I   4(4-0) 
PSY-607   Educational psychology   4(3-1) 
Thesis (synopsis submission) OR any one optional subject     
PSY-611   Organizational Behavior   4(4-0) 
PSY-613   Cross-cultural Psychology   4(4-0) 
PSY-615   Trauma Psychology   4(4-0) 
PSY-617   Consumer behavior   4(4-0) 
PSY-619   Media Psychology   4(4-0) 
Semester 8     
PSY-632   Internship   2(0-2) 
PSY-602   Clinical Psychology-II   4(3-1) 
PSY-606   Counseling Psychology-II   4(3-1) 
PSY-608   Positive Psychology   4(4-0) 
PSY-630   Thesis (Final  and oral defense) OR any 
one optional subject 
PSY-612   Forensic psychology   4(3-1) 
PSY-614   Sports Psychology   4(4-0) 
PSY-616   Military Psychology   4(4-0) 
PSY-618   Gender Issues in Psychology   4(4-0) 
PSY-620   Environmental Psychology   4(4-0) 
PSY-622   Psychology of Emotions   4(4-0)