AI chatbot examples: These 9 companies get it right!

Companies Using Conversational AI: 5 Successful Examples

examples of conversational ai

A conversational AI chatbot progressively learns the responses it needs to give to carry out a successful conversation. Conversational AI is revolutionizing industries by offering tailored and efficient solutions. Below we thought we would highlight three areas where we often find Conversational AI in action. In Customer Service, it enhances user experience through personalized interactions and 24/7 support. Healthcare benefits from symptom checking and continuous patient engagement, while E-Commerce leverages Conversational AI for personalized shopping experiences and streamlined operations.

examples of conversational ai

A vital part of developing an awesome business is to make your customers’ experiences top-notch. Unfortunately, this can mean that you need to be available 24/7 to answer a host of customer queries, no matter how ridiculous they may be. This could be part of an initial engagement with a vendor who can go on to develop and implement the virtual assistant in your organization. Or it could be following an initial test pilot deployment when you arrange a mini-workshop with the vendor and other members of your team in an annual learning session. In trying to promote external users to adopt your virtual assistant, you shouldn’t forget your people.

Healthcare: UnitedHealth Group

Since its introduction on the iPhone, Siri has become available on other Apple devices, including the iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, Mac and AppleTV. Users can also command Siri to regulate home devices with HomePod and have it complete tasks while on the go with Apple CarPlay. While current ITSM insights tools focus primarily on tickets and SLAs, conversational AI can help companies identify trends and issues before they become major problems and proactively address them. This approach offers Albemarle’s support leaders granular insights, allowing them to immediately see and address inefficiencies across the company. And let’s not forget about the potential for conversational AI to promote diversity and reduce bias in decision-making. By standardizing processes and decision-making based on objective data — rather than subjective human judgment — conversational AI can help businesses make more fair and unbiased decisions.

examples of conversational ai

Getting started with chatbots has become easier with the rise of numerous platform solutions that help businesses build chatbots. However, most of these “pre-built” chatbots do not leverage conversational AI which is responsible for the life-like conversations and thus may not be as successful. Unlike some of the other bots in this list, the Insomnobot-3000 is a purely customer engagement bot with no direct sales directives. However, even without direct sales directives, the Insomnobot-3000 has been extremely successful as it was able to improve brand image and reach hundreds of thousands of new customers through its unique approach. That said, this chatbot did bring thousands of valuable warm leads to the business for retargeting.

The Ultimate Guide To Conversational AI: What It Is And Why You Should Switch To It

This personalized and efficient support enhances customer satisfaction and strengthens relationships. This very fact has proven to be a powerful tool for customer support, sales & marketing, employee experience, and ITSM efforts across industries. Of these AI-powered solutions, chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants top the list and their adoption is expected to double in the next 2-5 years.

Based on Grand View Research, the global market size for chatbots in 2022 was estimated to be over $5 billion. Further, it’s projected to experience an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.3% from 2023 to 2030. According to VCCP London, the campaign employed a comprehensive strategy that encompassed various channels such as social media, Spotify, influencers, CRM, and PR. Unlike most of the chatbots on this list, Subway’s latest chatbot was neither deployed on Facebook Messenger, nor on their website.

What Are The Use Cases Of Conversational AI?

What’s most interesting, though, is how AVA can recommend available wellness programs and cost-saving measures, like virtual care for common medical issues. For example, if a customer says they have pink eye, AVA can set the patient up with a virtual visit. As the lessons continue, AI algorithms use deep learning to predict the probability of a user being able to recall a word in a given context. In just five minutes, the app understands where the user should start the course. Duolingo’s mission is to make language education accessible and free to everyone. 82% of its clients now rate their experience as excellent, a metric that the bank credits to its digital processes and unified digital platform.

examples of conversational ai

Meanwhile, professional agents are free to participate in more complex queries and help build out their resumes and careers. When computer science created ways to inject context, personalization, and relevance into human-computer interaction, conversational AI could make its debut at last. Conversational design, which creates flows that ‘sound’ natural to the human brain, was also vital to developing conversational AI.

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examples of conversational ai